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Medina named the #1 Mediterranean Restaurant in Dallas!
- Haute Living Magazine, November 11, 2010.

Opa!: The Top Mediterranean Restaurant in Dallas

The cuisine derived from the lands of the Mediterranean is known to be mostly healthy, skinny-jeans food. Do you need any other excuse to indulge yourself?

Walking through the doors of Medina in Victory Park is equivalent to jumping on some magic carpet and entering an Arabian night in some Mediterranean wonderland. The plush, colorful interior resembles a bustling Marrakesh City cafe, and it all spills out onto the bazaar-like patio with pillowed tables next to a large fountain. The Moroccan cuisine is concocted using fresh ingredients, authentic spices and European cooking techniques, and includes dips, flatbreads, tapas-style dishes for sharing, gourmet pizzas and tantalizing entrees.


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Medina recognized as of the 50 Hottest Restaurants, Chefs and Eats in Dallas by Modern Luxury magazine, in their July/August 2010 issue.


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Sex and the City 2, Morocco and Medina...

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Kathy Adcock-Smith, Selects Medina in Designer Secrets 2010:

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On Board to Marrakech: Crosby Stills & Nash [ Video Clip ]


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NBC visits Medina Oven & Bar and gives their review...

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New York Times Current

Review to Moroccan Cuisine of the World, Medina represents Moroccan cuisine in Dallas, TX [ View Article ]


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Vallet Parking at Medina, what you should know... [ Read Details ]


Medina oven & bar yet again, "Restaurant of the week!" (5/22/08)


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Star-telegram features us on "Drink of The Week" [ Get Recipe ]


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Sex & The City 2, Morocco & Medina

Sex & The City 2 was filmed in Marrakesh city, Morocco


Moroccan interior Design excites the four women in Sex & The City 2



Jessica stayed at Le Palmerie district, known by the Beverly Hills area at Le Palais Rahoul Hotel & Spa, also at Riad Ayadina, La Mamounia Hotel. They ate at Yakouta, Amangina restaurants, in Medina. They partied at Le Pasha Club


Sahara Desert In Morocco




Sex And The City's Sarah Jessica Parker says: “ she loves Marrakesh city, in Morocco  - and other-worldly Gwyneth Paltrow agrees with her, dedicating an entire section of her personal life- style website to the city. She calls it 'the best place on Earth' and recommends a guided evening tour of the Souks in the Old City.”

Jessica Parker said about Moroccan Cuisine: “…She had the best food around the world while she stayed in Riad Ayadina, the Moroccan traditional & elegant style of guest house…”

Sam, owner of Medina Restaurant says: “Create your own Sex & The City at Medina oven & bar in Victory Park, Dallas. Medina restaurant was inspired by Marrakesh city, Morocco, style, design, music & cuisine.”

Sexy Drinks at Medina oven & bar are infused Moroccan theme with cardamom, figs, mint tea, or orange blossom that Jessica Parker must make a trip to Medina oven & bar to experience creative Moroccan Martinis that she will give up her Cosmo Martini…Visit Medina oven & bar to transported to Morocco with the ambiance, food & the surprising cocktails.”

Medina oven & bar’s Design was selected in Dallas key interior designers as the most secrete design in Dallas local restaurant of 2010”
Moroccan Cuisine. Morocco is the culinary destination of the year… New York Times wrote 2009


Sam, Owner


On Board to Marrakech

Crosby Stills and Nash and “looking at the world through the sunset in your eyes”




Friends at Medina

Friends stop by to spend

the evening at Medina during

a Networking event.


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images to enlarge.


Friends At Medina Friends At Medina Friends At Medina


Friends At Medina Friends At Medina Friends At Medina


Friends At Medina Friends At Medina Friends At Medina




Adrian Brody Stops By Medina For A Bite To Eat

Adrian Brody, The Actor, stops by Medina after attending the AFI (American Film Institute) in Dallas, where he was given a Life Time Achievement Award.


After enjoying his lunch, Medina's Hummus, Casablanca Salad and Moroccan Mint Tea, he shared with us his personal experiences while he lived in Morocco. He says he is an expert on making the Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea the true and authentic way. BRAVO!


It was an honor to have him join us for lunch!


Medina Menu Specials

Medina Happy Hours: Monday through Friday. Please call us at 214-979-0003 for Specials & Prices.


Medina's Locals Appreciation Day: Wednesday. All night: 1/2 Price Global Bottles of Wines + 20% off small plates & pizzas.


Note: (Dinner menu & complete wine list are available too)


In TX Monthly (August Edition Review)

New & Noteworthy

Dallas We like the intimacy of this Victory Park newcomer, where dramatic wrought iron, tile floors, tantalizing aromas, and vivid colors evoke visions of Morocco. A generous platter of pita bread with hummus, smoked eggplant, and harissa preceded the Marrakesh chicken tagine: braised breast meat served atop sliced potatoes in a savory lemon-infused sauce that just begged to be sopped up with puffy pita.

In TX Monthly Review Magazine (June Edition)


Valet Parking at Medina

(5/25/08) Complimentary Lunch Valet & $5.00 for dinner valet with Medina's validation and The Valet Company charges $15.00 valet for special events when coming for quick bites before going to watch any sport games at AAC.


Valet is on Houston and Lamar Street intersection - located right next to Medina oven & bar.


At the "B" parking Lot is walking distance to Medina, with complimentary parking for 2 hours.



Events by Medina

View photos from a special birthday celebration hosted by Medina


Star-Telegram Featured Medina oven & bar with a "Drink of the Week"

Star-Telegram announced "Drink of the Week" with Medina oven & bar's Marrakesh Mint Tea Martini™. Try one at home, or come and let us make one for you!


Medina oven & bar Marrakesh Mint Tea Martini™ Recipe:
  • 1 1/4 oz Grey Goose Vodka
  • 2 splashes of Mojito mix with fresh lime
  • 1 dash / (a drop) of orange Blossom water
  • 1/4 oz Traditional Moroccan tea (Bring dry green tea leaves & fresh Mint to a boil.) Mix Traditional Moroccan Tea to the rest of ingredients, shake, strain & serve in a chilled Martini glass Garnish with fresh Mint leaf & Lemon.


Another Celebrity Visits Medina!

Dave Chappelle visits Medina late Februrary. He enjoyed Moroccan cuisine topped off with several glasses of Moroccan mint tea during his 3 hour visit with us. He kindly took photos with staff and patrons of Medina Oven & Bar, telling us that "this is my favorite restaurant in Dallas..."


Dave Chapelle

Dave Chappelle, Diana (Medina Staff) & Friend.

Victory Park's Medina: A taste of Morocco

Luxury fashion, style and dining advice from The Dallas Morning News.


By: Tracy Anchor Hayes


We've been feeling Morocco lately, and not just because a good friend recently returned from Marrakech toting suitcases crammed with caftans and babouches. Multiple trips to Victory Park's new MEDINA OVEN & BAR are at least equally to blame. Manager and co-owner Sam Benoikken actually grew up in Medina, and when he tells us his chicken tagine and seven-vegetable couscous are just like home, our mouths are way too full to argue. Settle into a pillow-strewn banquet and savor, or, if the weather's pleasant, head outside for the patio's perfect view of Victory fountain!

Dallas City Search

Editorial Review for Medina Oven & Bar

By Sabra Girard


The Scene

A bazaar patio with ornate seating grants a majestic fountain view. Textured fabrics, exotic tiles and eclectic lanterns, imported from Morocco, envelope the restaurant interior. Sensual music also captures and pervades the true Moroccan spirit. Bold iron and canvas art stretch across the walls, and at times select celebrities accent the cozy bar. Guests dine at intimate tables surrounding the authentic Moorish oven that permeates the air and appetite.

The Food

Before dinner, don't miss the Moroccan mojito with brown sugar cane. It will sweeten the Moroccan-Mediterranean experience. Sensational spreads such as hummus, fresh flatbread and the baby spinach and preserved lemon wraps introduce the wildly smooth flavors of this inspired menu. Main entrees such as shrimp calzones and Marrakesh chicken breast or Za'atar grilled lamb chops reveal the traditional and inventive Euopean culinary passions. An enticing dessert with a foreign flair is discovered with delight in the orange blossom crème Brulee.


What to Drink

Wines are compiled from Spain, France, Morocco, Italy and other global regions.

The Extras

Partner Sam Benoikken is personable and attentive to each guest; ask for him if you have any special needs.


Although tables are spaced only inches away from each other, the music, mood and food do allow for a secluded experience.


Food and drink were exceptionally prepared and delivered but the small tables weren't always cleared effectively to offer space for comfort or additional items

Know Before You Go

The restaurant only seats 50 people at once so reservations are advised.


Medina and Luna De Noche share a valet service which is stationed at Luna De Noche


Friday, January 18, 2008

The Dallas Morning News

By Alan Peppard

Jessica Simpson Spotted at Medina Oven & Bar



Jessica Simpson is still on the radar,

[ The Simpson watch ]


The singer and Tony Romo fave was spotted this week at Medina Oven & Bar in Victory Park.


She happily signed autographs for Medina staff and patrons.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Best Bites: Dining out in DFW December 21

By Teresa Gubbins

Morocco: The door between Europe and Africa

Certain local trend-setters have hinted at an incipient "Moroccan" movement, and Medina Oven & Bar adds fuel to that fire. Located on Victory Park and having just opened this week, it does a modern take on Moroccan-Mediterranean cuisine, with sophisticated spices and ingredients.


The menu intrigues. The salads alone make you want to go eat there NOW: The Casablanca salad has arugula, beet, raisins, grape tomatoes, pine nuts, and gorgonzola in a pomegranate vinaigrette, while the Med-Rim salad has spinach, poached figs, toasted almonds, cinnamon-spiced orange, and feta cheese in a honey-lemon vinaigrette. Soooo there.


For a lesson in persistence and ingenuity, talk to co-owner Sam Benoikken, a native of Morocco who has spent 20 years working his way up from water-boy to waiter to captain, who went back to school to obtain a degree in hotel management from the University of North Texas, before finally opening his own place with partner, entrepreneur Yaser Khalaf. Benoikken's drive and passion for what he does -- the glorious oven with Moroccan tiles, the balance of cumin and paprika, the personal investment -- is like a gale force wind. Look out.

DALLAS GUIDE LIVE (Dallas Morning News &

This midpriced Moroccan-Mediterranean addition to the Victory Park dining scene focuses on blending "innovation with tradition" and includes a bazaar-style patio with a fountain, trees and views of the neighborhood.