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About us

Eat, Drink & Socialize:

Eat, drink & socialize at Medina Oven & Bar, located in urban Victory Park, is an intimate, casual, and stylish restaurant specializing in savory Moroccan-Mediterranean cuisine.

Medina embraces a warm European culture of community and caters to guests who seek a lively, enriched dining experience. The word Medina, by definition, refers to the "center of the city" in Morocco and Medina Oven & Bar is the center of Dallas' restaurant scene.

Interior Design:

Medina is an intimate, lively environment with a seductive Modern Moroccan style interior design. Everything at medina design was flown in from the exotic Morocco. Medina Oven & Bar's interiors merge authentic Moroccan accents with a warm, modern lounge-like feel. Strong iron details, exotic lanterns, intricate tile work and elaborate textiles grace the space and lead the eye to the central feature of the restaurant: the warm Moorish tiled oven. All inspired by traditional Moroccan spices colors.

Medina Oven & Bar's rich and vibrant color pallette gives the room a romantic and elegant atmosphere. Equally enticing is medina Oven & Bar's large bazaar patio with the exquisite views, a grand fountain and towering trees. It is an ideal gathering place blending different people and cultures with bustling energy and passion for life. The bazaar patio is the perfect lunch, dinner or late night dining spot.

Sensual interior design evokes an urban Marrakesh City's cafe feel, unlike any other place in the Dallas scene. Victory Park is the ideal location for this hot spot among Dallas locals and visitors alike.

Medina Oven & Bar's interior


We did not stop with the interior, we have extended our design out onto our patio. Lots of plush, comfortable pillows for you to arrange while you enjoy the fresh air. Our patio comes with an amazing view of the fountain inside Victory Park.

Medina Oven & Bar's exterior


Moroccan cuisine, in its essence, represents the birthplace of fusion combining the best of many different cultures who lived all together in this magic country centries ago. It will captivate you with its alluring aroma from some of the worlds best spices, rich in culture and passed down from generation to generation. In fact, Moroccan cooking itself as defined falls under Mediterranean cuisine because of its location. And, it is considered the best cuisine in the World.

Medina oven & bar Menu is an intoxicating mix of Moroccan-Mediterranean cuisine. Our menu shows a blend of authentic & contemporary signature dishes prepared in an inventive way. At, Medina, we incorporate fine, fresh ingredients and traditional spices as in the Mediterranean norm while using established European culinary techniques.

The healing quality of many of the herbs and spices in Medina Oven & Bar's cuisine not only flavor the food, but increase the well-being of the mind, body and soul. The delectable selection of the flatbreads, dips, spreads, phyllo... are designed for sharing; allowing guests to sample a wide variety of flavors and styles from Moroccan-Mediterranean menu. With a countless tapas selection, gourmet pizzas and creative entrees, guests can indulge in a variety of choices ranging from a light lunch to a long dinner with friends. Moroccans concider their cuisine the perfume of their culture.

Owners Background:

With a bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurant Management and 20 years food & beverage experience in high-end five star hospitality background, Sam Benoikken emphasizes the importance of service, creativity & impeccable quality at Medina Oven & Bar. As a partner and General Manager, native Moroccan, Sam brings a sense of authenticity and a focus of sophisticated ambiance to the casual-chic restaurant.

Sam wanted to provide Dallas and the Metroplex something of value: a restaurant that blends innovation with tradition. Guests, at cozy Medina, will feel transported to another world that is Morocco, when they experience the savory cuisine & sensual music. Medina is an entertaining place to celebrate in a unique, stylish atmosphere.

Specialty Drinks:

Medina Oven & Bar also serves Moroccan-themed eclectic cocktails infused with surprising ingredients such as orange blossom water, mint tea and fig & other natural flovors.

Marakesh Mint tea Martini & Caramel-Fig Martini

The Arbesque & Medina Carpet Ride cocktails

Medina Wine List:

Medina Oven & Bar's Wine list compliments its food menu with an inspiring selection hailing from parts of the Mediterranean Rim such as Southern France, Spain, Morocco & Italy. But also, some of the best Californian & global wines are part of our selection.


An array of Moroccan beats filter throughout Medina Oven & Bar with its dynamic and spirited music. The global mix & Mediterranean compilations create fresh vibes and sultry mood.


Medina Oven & Bar brings the exotic experience of Morocco & The Mediterranean to any catered affair.

Please call Sam Benoikken for any type of events, such as birthday, anniversaries and social gatherings.

Call us 24 hours in advance regarding food catering for orders larger than 12pp.

Hours Of Operation:


50 inside, 40 outside

Hours of operation:

Monday - Thursday: 11AM-10PM Friday: 11AM-11PM Saturday: Brunch Noon-4PM Dinner 4PM-11PM Sunday: Brunch Noon-4PM Dinner 4PM-10PM Bar: Opens at noon daily Valet: Friday & Saturday Evenings and for Big Events and Concerts